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Who We Are

Spartan wet suit is a community of passionate surfers who share their love for the ocean, surfing, and adventure.

We are committed to sustainable living and supporting people in need through our partnerships with non-profits.

For years, we have been in love with surfing and the sea. We love the salty smell of the ocean and how it makes us feel alive when we’re on a wave.

We also know that wetsuits are crucial to staying warm in cold water, which is why we want to help surfers everywhere find their perfect suit for any occasion.

We believe you should be able to wear your favorite wetsuit with pride so we’ve carefully selected a variety of brands who share our passion for surfing and designing suits specifically for this purpose.

We hope you enjoy reading about what’s new in surfwear technology as much as we do!


Our Mission

Our mission is to help more people experience the joys of surfing by providing them with information-rich content about everything from choosing a board, wetsuit, and other gear for beginners.

Getting your first lesson, figuring out which waves are best for you depending on your skill level, understanding how currents work so you can choose the right spot at any time of year.


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